Why Neurocritical Care ON CALL?

Neurocritical Care ON CALL is the only product of its type to offer content exclusively dedicated to the practice of neurocritical care. While other online resources host a wide range of information, Neurocritical Care ON CALL prides itself on its expertise in the field of neurocritical care. Currently featuring 20 interactive topics containing podcasts, webinars, exam videos and more, Neurocritical Care ON CALL engages its subscribers across multiple forms of media. Containing content written by a highly curated team of more than 80 multi-disciplinary experts in the field, Neurocritical Care ON CALL sets the standard for online resources dedicated to a medical specialty.

Features Include: 
  • Authored by a highly curated team of over 80 multidisciplinary experts including physicians, pharmacists, advanced practice providers, and nurses
  • Peer reviewed by an Editorial Board that combines the expertise of global leaders in the field of neurocritical care
  • Frequent content updates and new topic releases
  • Nursing and pharmacy specific sections
  • Monthly webinars by topic experts
  • Videos, podcasts, and other media
  • Over 150 easy-to-access tables and figures
  • Notifications about updates in the field
  • Annual Subscriptions available for individuals, with discount pricing for bulk purchases

Demo Video: